Should I wait for this or use the old Famous.Views v0

Hi @gadicc !
I need to make an app with mobile priority, looks like Gadi’s work with Famous-Views was very good. Does it still works? should I rather wait for the infamous engine to be released?

Hey, thanks! I believe quite a few people are still using v0, but it has no future. I’d suggest waiting for infamous, but it will be quite some time still.

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While I can’t help with the advanced coding, I do try to test everything that is put up. More examples=more adoption as people get to use!. Shame most people hide their ideas from the world.

Been following your fam-meteor views since early days and learning and working through examples. Still cannot find a good framework that matches your fam-meteor stuff! And now its not being developed anymore - back to the waiting game.

The main thing I am finding with all the frameworks is the consumption time to learn and the mixing and matching causes weird bugs.

I used your fam-views with meteor and was so close to getting it working but mr hamburger button had issues with windows 10 / edge (only worked by touching finger to screen even though I was using “click” in the code haha (newbs) , worked fine with mouse" - was frustrating so I just shelved it.

What I was trying to do was have a data collection app that works on Microsoft Win 10/Edge but unless I go and spend a year learning .net, it aint gunna happen soon!

  1. stores all the menus/settings inside the db, you login and then make a new one collection, then add fill out the menus (menu1, menu2, menu3) and fields (field1,field2,field3,camera1, gps1) , text etc…

  2. by going to the client side, you subscribe to the collection your capturing data for and then just collect data

  3. Being able to export/import to files

The simple frustration of having 1 bit working and then another dieing made me just want to keep restarting.

I’m probably onto my 10th iteration and around 3rd framework but with each iteration seem to just want to start again as all seem to just run into this time consuming resource with bugs appearing and nothing seems stable. I just clear the directory and do a google for latest framework.

Looking forward to following infamous - would love for you guys to change the name (only because it leaves a bad taste in my mouth due to them doing what they did to the engineers/open source community), stick to your guns and develop something that the web would win out with.

Tried some MCV .net other day and was amazed at the amount of complexity just for a basic app and the inability to find a stable framework that is a simple design with the graphical performance is frustrating.


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Have you checked out NativeScript? They give you bindings for working with native iOS/Android/Windows devices, all in JS+