Blaze Components

I know we have some folks here working in Meteor, I wonder if you guys are using Blaze Components or follow that library’s progress. Its getting quite beefy and handles DOM events and low-level UI hooks in a way that might be conducive to working with Famous.

There’s also a non-meteor npm module

Hey @newswim

Famous-views author here (which is based on Blaze). Yeah, I think blaze-components does a wonderous job of filling in the gaps with Blaze. But moving forward, I decided to rather work with a base library that is more actively developed, i.e. react. You can see my thoughts about this hard decision in this post on the Meteor forums, along with some other very interesting posts on the subject.

Regardless, you can rest assured that Meteor will be very well supported by future work here. I’m not sure what the final release will look like; I expect an official react wrapper around the library, that could be copied for anyone wanting to work with Blaze directly, but more likely, the Meteor package will simply wrap the react-written components so that they can be easily used inside Blaze templates.

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