Contributing to Projects

There should be a decision of contribution to the Infamous community projects.

I propose we use similar contribution methods as the Angular project.
They even have a repository for most of the items they publish (i.e. code of conduct).

A repository allows for the community to contribute even in the maintaining of these rules and guidelines also using a PR. Then each repository can have a generic file that points back to each of these living repositories.

  • [Code of Conduct]
  • [Question or Problem?]
  • [Issues and Bugs]
  • [Feature Requests]
  • [Submission Guidelines]
  • [Coding Rules]
  • [Commit Message Guidelines]
  • Signing the CLA
  • [Further Info]

Agree… I think it’s properly worth working on these together on a collaborate editing platform first before submitting to github. Also probably should get something useable out there before worrying about this :>

Note, @andrewreedy did a great start to this in I had a few early/draft ideas at which were incorporated there too.

Sure. But at the same time we should have them in place sooner than later, so the project repos follow them. At the very least we should have the Coding Rules adopted

I propose we use ESFormatter with a maintained .esformatter file for any developer to use to format code no matter what editor they use prior to a PR. For those that use Atom, it supports on save formatting. This keeps code consistent and easier to read.

Repo on Github
Try it out here.


We can easily decide on that separately and modify the code base later (although it’d save time if we all had the same format up front). Maybe we can vote on format rules?