JSFiddle starting point for all browsers!

Infamous has undergone some improvements in sizing whereby children observe parents for size changes and update themselves if needed. You can also observe changes like so:

// ...

let node = new Node

// Add a sizechange handler, which is fired inside the engine's next animation frame before all rendering happens!
node.on('sizechange', newSize => console.log(newSize))

// ...

Infamous also now works in all the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge)!

To celebrate, I made a jsfiddle that serves as a starting point for making 3D fiddles with Infamous: https://jsfiddle.net/trusktr/apnax8va

It loads the global version of Infamous right from the GitHub repo using rawgit. For example, you can use a script tag like the following to load the infamous global in any project:

<script src="//cdn.rawgit.com/trusktr/infamous/v11.0.3/global.js"></script>

Left to do before docs and demos:

  • Fix the initial-render problem (in the above fiddle you see the box temporarily rendered at the top left).
  • Implement scale, skew, and origin (I’m debating whether to have origin use the mountPoint value as in Famous 0.3, or to make them separate things like in Famous Engine 0.5+).
  • Organize and clean up some stuff in the code base.