Kanban Board?

Hi Guys :smile:

I’ve been reading through a lot of the forum, interested in the design approach, priorities and who is doing what.

I have read somewhere someone asking what others are doing… so I wondered if having a Kanban board for Infamous would be a good idea? Everyone having a ‘post it’ for the work they are focusing on, plus a ‘ToDo’ column, so we know what is coming down the pipeline.

It would really help with transparency and help us get a bigger picture, enabling us to help each other where we can.

There are lots out there that cost each month, some that are free and others you can download and use.

So I wondered if things like https://github.com/salopant/Kanboard could be used on this domain … kind of a kanban.infamous.io kind of thing…

I appreciate it’s another thing to look at and may distract, but just wondered what people thought as it may help us get a quicker/better overall picture of whats going on and who is doing what.


It’s not a bad idea. Maybe, at the point when we merge into a single project (or start a single project from scratch?) we can start using a tracker (kanban based, or etc). I think right now we (those of us working on prototypes) are still formulating our ideas.

For now, the ideas are in the repos: infamous/motor, infamous/famin, and infamous/boxer. I’ll be updating the todo list in the README of infamous/motor, just as the other are updating their READMEs.

Agree, I think we definitely need this for the next stage of the project. I haven’t checked out Kanboard yet but the app I was planning on suggesting for this purpose is https://hansoftx.com/home/index.html (written in Meteor; there was a very impressive devshop talk about it).

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@tadd I updated my readme at https://github.com/infamous/motor/tree/joe. The todo list has concepts mixed in. I’m sort of just writing todo items with details as I go. I’d like to put together some diagrams once I get it working.

The hansoftx is very cool!

@gadicc great find. Will be great when they get the API in place.