Popmotion.io seems to get a lot right

I think this library is interesting, it gets a lot right.

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Yep, I like their “Actor” pattern (f.e. how to apply it to any API, including ours, http://popmotion.io/api/actor). I started doing something similar in my prototype, calling things “Drivers” (the name landed due to the fact that it pairs with engine/motor/boxer), which control/control/act-upon the properties of Nodes. The drivers can use physics or tweening, etc.

I wonder how well using popmotion plays with our goal of running as much as possible in workers.

Hmmmm, then thing I like about Tween.js is that it doesn’t make it’s own loop; it’s more like Famous Engine’s Transitionable where calling .get triggers it’s time calculations, etc, independently of the engine loop. Popmotion, on the other hand, makes it’s own loop and would call our API methods on it’s own time (instead of us calling it’s API on our time as we would with Tween.js).

Question: which method do we prefer? Pros/cons?

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