Radians or degrees?

Should our rotation methods accept values in radians or in degrees? For what it’s worth, the new DOMMatrix class coming to browsers will use degrees.


I’d say degrees as default in that case because they’re somewhat more beginner friendly.

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Maybe we can use degrees by default, and let people do something like

node.rotateY(Math.PI/8, true) // true means radians

I’ll do that in my prototype, which is coming along by the way! :smiley: I have some things rendering, but no demos online yet. It’s not using workers though, as I put that aside to just get the basic top-level API concepts down. Then I’ll work back around again but with workers. Also, just DOM, no WebGL yet.

A second argument serving as a flag (with a default value) is pretty much what I had in mind as well.

Glad to hear your prototype is coming along!

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