SamsaraJS: new site, new release, check it out, tell your friends

Hey all,

SamsaraJS has a new site:

Comprehensive docs:

And a new 0.2.0 release:

This is about the time that I cross my fingers and hope to get the attention of the community. I’ve spent the last year working on this project full time and I’m hoping I can continue doing that. I’ll be posting it to HN tomorrow. In the mean time, let me know if you see any bugs, and tell your friends!


This is really great, I can’t wait to try to use this for one of my games once you get a physics engine to go with this :smile:

@dmvaldman Holy @#$% David. Your new site is really awesome and inspiring! Nice work. The Google demo is nice. I myself was thinking of mocking some of the Google apps as a proof-of-concept too (f.e. the Gmail app for Android).

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Thank you very much for your work! Without such platforms can not create an application with perfect animations.
What I expect most is the ability to remove node.

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@red.dragon yes it’s embarrassing that the ability to remove a node is not there! it’ll be in the next release!


What Joe said!

I’m still working through the details, but am already impressed enough that I have to write this post. Going to streams cleans up so much that was wrong with

It will take me some time to digest the changes. I’m using ReactJS pretty heavily now. I don’t see an easy way to merge the two yet, possibly because a merge is not necessary. I use Meteor for server/database linkages. Perhaps Meteor/Samsara is enough.

Anyhow, fantastic job on both the framework and the web site.



Thanks for the kind words! My goal is to make it easy for people to use other libraries with Samsara, and to keep the separation between content and presentation very clean. Hope you enjoy experimenting.


At first I thought SamsaraJS is just another Famous 1.x codes but I just revisited again and all I can say the source code is beautifully written and documented. The separation of concerns are very clear and I believe it is possible to integrate SamsaraJS with Angular 2. Bravo David!

I wonder, since you’ve been in Famous why hadn’t Famous codes written this way? :smiley: