[SOLVED] Famous SimpleTags

Hi All,

I am dreaming to use html tags to declare the layout of Famous application including the great Famous-Flex. So I created a POC for that, you can see it here: https://github.com/irwansyahwii/SimpleTags/blob/master/app/tags/app.tag

I am using Riot.js to help me parsing the tags. It would be great if anyone can contribute together in achieving the vision.


That’s a nice idea! I was intending to make a React API for our engine at some point after we merge our prototypes into one. It might be nice to also have a Riot.js integration, Angular integration (@Steveblue) , etc. Maybe when the time is right you can contribute to the project by making the Riot.js interface. :smile: The best time for that will be once we’ve started working on the single code base.

The solution is here: A-Frame

We will use document.registerElement to create custom elements, then you can use your desired library of choice to manipulate those elements (f.e. RiotJS).

@trusktr I just created Famous-Vue (https://github.com/irwansyahwii/Famous-Vue). With it I can do programming in Famous declaratively just like that A-Frame did

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Looks great @irwansyah

Do you have any sample app using your famous-vue or may create a small one as an example of its use?

@ric0 the examples are here: https://github.com/irwansyahwii/Famous-Vue/tree/master/src/Twitterus and here: https://github.com/irwansyahwii/Famous-Vue/tree/master/src/Carousel

@irwansyah that’s awewome. I’ll take a look. Thanks, I really appreciated it.

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@ric0 I just wrote an article on Medium on how to do layoutin in Famous-Vue: https://medium.com/@irwansyah/layouting-in-famous-vue-b834f089886b#.pjusjw5vs

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