Updates from SamsaraJS land

Hi all!

We’re now over 1000 commits! Version 0.1.1 has just been cut https://github.com/dmvaldman/samsara/releases/tag/v0.1.1

Check out this side menu demo on a mobile phone (works on desktop too).

There’s physics, native scrolling, UMD bundles and much more documentation.

People I’ve never met are even working on a react integration! That’s the beauty of open source.

As the library matures, I hope you check it out and give it a try.


Nice! The “side menu demo” link doesn’t appear to link to anything.

Oops! Thanks, forgot the “https” part. Here’s the link

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SamsaraJS looks really promising - love the talk on streams for UI.

based on this topic about ‘different test projects’ is there any discussion on merging things?

I’d hate to build something to one API and see a radically different path get chosen forward…

@dcsan This is something we’ve gotta figure out.

How are we with prototype ideas guys, @Steveblue, @gadicc, @andrewreedy, @dmvaldman (clearly furthest in many regards)?

I myself am taking a version of my prototype and re-making my personal site with it. I’ll definitely post it here in the forums once it’s up. It’s based loosely on @andrewreedy’s prototype with some additions and subtractions. I’m replacing the transform matrix parts with my DOMMatrix polyfill right at this very moment, then re-placing the base parts of the building blocks I’d previously made at http://github.com/infamous/infamous with my prototype engine instead of Famous 0.3 (for rendering, but keeping some things like EventHandler and GenericSync). I’ll likely get a live sample of readem back up and running, which is a doc generator I was working on that was made with those components originally built on Famous 0.3. So, I’ll have some new stuff to show soon. :smile:

I too am looking forward to merging ideas. I’m also interested in starting an online meetup and/or in-person meetup in SF. I think that’d be cool!

Samsara’s API is definitely getting more stable and hasn’t changed much in the past month or two. I’d love to see some experimentation with web workers, or exporting to WebGL within the framework, or adopting more es6 features. The community’s ideas there would be much appreciated.

I think when it comes to the rendering pipeline, Samsara’s stream architecture has a lot to offer, and is a big improvement over Famous 0.3. I’ll be adding some documentation describing it and its benefits in more detail. I think a lot of the experimental work that’s going on on these forums could be integrated in.

I’m going to be redoing the SamsaraJS website and then making a push on Hacker News and others to gain some traction. Should happen in early February.

Here’s another demo http://samsara-safari-tabs.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/. Click on the X to remove a tab, click on a tab to make full screen.


Awesome, I’d love to read those. :smiley:

Hmmmm, good idea!

I’m still heavily using Famous 0.3, would it be possible at some point to migrate projects from Famous to SamsaraJS?

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@bardu I think having some kind of “migration readme” is a great idea. Since Samsara has been developed over the course of a year since Famous 0.3, some things will certainly be different, but I think overall it should feel familiar. You still make surfaces and construct scene graphs. User input, like touchsync , are largely unchanged but renamed from “sync” to “input”. Event handling is also similar, though subscribe is used exclusively instead of pipe.

Transitionables are there but are used differently. Modifiers are also there in spirit but “hidden”. Bigger differences are that there is no more render function, which is a weird thing perhaps to wrap ones head around. There’s also a lot more emphasis on combining streams of changing layout data, instead of using a Transitionable’s get and set methods within a render function.

There are currently 7 examples over at

Most have thorough documentation as well. The best way to get a feel for the difference between famous 0.3 and Samsara is to check those out.

It’d be great if you could describe which parts of Samsara remain largely unchanged compared to Famous 0.3. I’m currently re-making my site with my prototype (as I previously mentioned) but I’m re-using parts of Famous 0.3 like the syncs and event handler… but it’d be cool to switch those parts to Samsara if they are compatible / easy to migrate to! This will help me get more familiar with Samasara too, and will help for when merging ideas. :smiley:

This is so great!!!

There’s now much more higher level documentation for Samsara at http://samsarajs.org/docs

This should address many of the migration from Famous 0.3 questions


Awesome David!